Lifegroups @ Centerpoint

What is it?

There is something so life-giving about small groups. One of our core values as a church is to see people grow together.
Lifegroups are the place where relationships are established, wounds are healed, and purpose is realized. It is our desire for you to get plugged into a group so you can add value to people’s lives and they can add value’s to yours.

Who’s it for?

It may be a small group, a bible study, or a just a group of friends getting together on a weekly basis, but whatever it looks like, we want to get you connected. You can sign up for a lifegroup online or at the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings.

In one of these groups you will find someone to love you as you are, pray with you where you are at, and encourage you to move forward in God’s love.

To find a group, fill out the application here.